F/W 2020


A collection inspired by the timeless elegance and everlasting passion of the "Ballet Russes". We were swept away dreaming of what could be and what can be, again. 

Our First Collaboration!

RosewaterHouse -X- RAC Lifestyle

Meet our new favorite: The Norina Holiday Dress.

A  collaboration named after Noelle Pallais and Sabrina Burda, our friends, and co-founders at R.A.C Lifestyle. We revamped their
best-selling signature silk dress for a festive new look. Featuring our new Laleh embroidery along the sleeves and the belt, this midi silk dress is your next go-to holiday party and dinner dress. 

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A Timeless Favorite

Our Ghalamkar Blazer

Dating back to the Sassanid Dynasty (224-651 CE) and the second Persian Empire, Ghalamkar Fabrics were hand painted in ornate patterns for Kings and Queens.This exalted art form remains a symbol of the longevity, love and resilience of the ancient traditions that have been passed down generation after generation. 

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A family run lifestyle brand. On a mission to empower women across the world.

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Rosewater Collective

"Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them."