Welcome to Our Collective

Rosewater is a luxury lifestyle brand born out of a profound appreciation for local craft, and a passion for connecting and empowering women across the world.


RosewaterHouse is run by a family of multigenerational Persian women. Roshanak Varasteh, the Founder, is a Fine Arts artist, Wellesley College’87 alumni and Harper’s Bazaar veteran. Roshanak co-founded RosewaterHouse with her youngest sister - Negar Varasteh, a lawyer by trade, but Design & Architecture enthusiast at heart. Negar found her true passion after moving to Paris when she completed the prestigious Painting & Art History program in Jeu de Paume and Ecole du Louvre consecutively. Both sisters have always championed Persian arts & culture in their respective artistic work. While traveling around the Middle East together in 2018, they encountered communities of female artisans whose local craft was at risk of disappearing forever. The idea behind the label was born then and there, out of the desire to preserve the centuries of design & craftsmanship that was passed down through generations of artisans in the Middle East.


Shortly after the inception of the idea, Leily Amirsardary Ahmed, Roshanak’s youngest daughter, also a Wellesley College Alumni’16, saw an opportunity to create an ongoing network of support for these female artisans by sharing the rich history of Middle Eastern craftsmanship with women around the world. Putting their respective areas of expertise together, RosewaterHouse launched with a series of Pop-Ups from Paris to London to NYC, and finally - Online - so that you can Join the Collective from anywhere in the world.



The collective design process helps us bring the rich history of Middle-Eastern craftsmanship together with contemporary design. Working closely with these artisans helps us learn more about the history of the craft, as well the history of the region, inspiring how the collections come to life. Incorporating globally-inspired details and timeless silhouettes, each RosewaterHouse piece is tailored for perfection.


Our core mission behind the label is to grow a network of support that provides long-term employment for female artisans around the world.

We believe that by helping local artisans preserve their century-old craft techniques, we can not only protect the cultural traditions that have been passed down over generations, but also empower these artisans by helping them support their families, and live fulfilling lives in the process. The long term vision for our efforts is to establish sustainable systems of employment and income for these communities as well as their future generations.