Roland Mouret

Roland Mouret was born in Lourdes, France. His mother worked in a hotel as a waitress and his father was a butcher. He rst learnt the art of folding fabric while working in his father’s butchers shop, watching his father fold his apron to hide the stained pattern of blood on the white linen. He learned to cut from watching the way the skin of an animal is sectioned and divided with the knife. A con dence, a directness and boldness, informed his aesthetic and his approach was de ned by these early memories. The essence of Mouret’s success, he insists, is the physicality of knowing how a person wants to undress.

“Dresses are for undressing. . We all dress up to undress”

Mouret says of how his work is informed by the diverse experiences of his own life.

“I consider my years in Paris, modelling, styling, being part of a social scene, all as a key part of my make up. As are the years I have spent in London, opening a café gallery, video directing and ultimately building my first store under my own name”