La grande passione di una famigLia e tutto iL gusto made in itaLy, daL 1923.

since 1923 our reputation has been built on our continued passion to develop and introduce brands that are made in italy. these are key elements and fundamental to aLto miLano. initially the brand was created to meet the needs of a stylish and demanding gentleman. aLto miLano’s signature strengths are strong in style and rich in materials. the collection has a classic theme whilst incorporating modern twists in our designs. the range of products has since been extended and now offers a strong women’s collection. aLto miLano’s vision and succession is through research, re-interpretation of traditional styles and focus on seasonal trends. With over 90 years of experience in the industry and a strong team of individuals has enabled us to continue and share our success story with you today.

micheLa facenti

a third generation of the facenti family took her rst steps in the business in 1992, whilst she was studying economics at university. two years later she graduated. her interest in the business found her a position within the administration department where she took on a major role of re-structuring the company and co-ordinating the move to there new business headquarters. in 2011, michela saw great potential for the company and decided to take aLto miLano to an international level with the help and collaboration of expert individuals within the eld of marketing and communication. Whilst embracing her new and exciting role within the company and through her curiosity and determination, michela is constantly on the look out for new business opportunities. With a clear interest in fashion and travel she has since participated in international events across the fashion industry and is involved in both web and social networks. Whilst faced with new challenges both internal and external her willingness to learn and to nd new solutions has been fundamental to the growth of the company and the position she holds today.

L’eLeganza è La capacità di saper scegLiere.*

*Elegance is the capacity to choose.